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This necklace likely belonged to a German Jewish girl named Karoline Cohn.

But by sifting through the soil in this area, Haimi and his colleagues found a lot of jewelry — earrings, watches, rings and pendants — that were likely dropped by the women and girls forced to strip there 75 years ago.

We would love to have you apply to our program if you are 1.

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If you need financial help, please submit an Opportunity Fund Application.

Willie Mae Rock Camp - Mae Rock Camp for Girls is a year-round, non-profit music education and mentoring program dedicated to empowering girls and women through arts and activism.

Mitchie can't wait to return to camp rock so that she and love-interest Shane can spend ...

Have you been searching for the most extreme, fun and adventurous California summer camp aroun Laurel South is among the most prestigious, well respected camps in the country.

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We’re sorting on the appropriate field based on the Sort Expression, and setting the direction based on Sort Direction by calling either the Order By or Order By Descending methods.

As with paging, we also reset the Edit Index and Selected Index when sorting.

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Camp & Outdoors - Girl Scouts - Scouts offers day camps, overnights, weekends, resident camps, travel camps, and more—even the chance to be a Girl Scout Ranger in a National Park!

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